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Motion Graphix - 2.5D Animation System for iPad

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This feature-rich 2.5D animation app lets you create anything from Ken-Burns-style photo montages to animated GIF 'memes', from instructional videos to stereoscopic film titles. Start by loading a photo or movie background, or create a colored background gradient. You can add animated color correction, zoom, pan or blur to the background at any time. Next add layers using your own photos or one of the many included 'sprite' images. Now animate your layers with a powerful but simple keyframe animation system - just set the time and move the layer. You animate the size, rotation, transparency, and everything else the same way. And because Motion Graphix is a 2.5D animation system, you can also change the Z-position, or depth, of a layer, and it will shrink or move behind other layers as if it were moving farther from the 'camera'.

Motion Graphix lets you add as many layers as you like, and animate them. Layers can be made not just from still pictures, but also from animated GIFs. You can create your own text elements with outlines and shadows, or define your own basic shapes using standard Bezier curves and color gradient fills. And Motion Graphix includes a built-in sprite cutter, making it easy to cut elements out of your own photos by tracing a Bezier curve around them. And once you cut an element out, it is added to your library, to reuse in future projects.

You can also animate hand-drawn elements. Sketch a line or letter, and Motion Graphix will draw it on as the animation plays. This is really great for making underlines or circles to highlight parts or places in your background picture. You can also add particle-system layers, like snow, fireworks, bubbles, and more.

And because advanced keyframe animation controls underlie the quick and intuitive process of simply setting the time and moving the element. You can dig in for precise control of your motion when needed, or let Motion Graphix do the work with built-in motions like spiral, jitter, bounce and more. For matching graphics to a moving background, try the revolutionary 'Digital Tracking' system: use your digit to follow the motion while the video plays, then apply that motion to a layer.

When you're done, share a picture or movie to Photos or any app that accepts sharing, including Mail, Messages, YouTube, Dropbox and many more. If you have set depths on your layers, you can even save out stereoscopic renders in standard split-screen formats, red-blue anaglyph 3d format, or VR format suitable for viewing with Google Cardboard type viewers.


  • Easy-to-use keyframe-based animation system, just set the time and adjust the layer
  • Animated filtering on background picture or movie: Color correction, blurring, still photo position and zoom
  • Large built-in sprite library including animated character and visual effects elements
  • Cut out your own sprites from any picture
  • Create and animate text elements with font, fill and outline control
  • Create your own basic shape and Bezier curves with fill and outline controls
  • Animate colored, transparent, soft shadows and glows for any layer
  • Import animated GIF images to use as sprites
  • Dope sheet - View and adjust keyframes for all your elements side-by-side in one place.
  • article system effects - Snow, Smoke, Fire, Fireworks, Starfield, Bubbles, sparkler
  • Digital tracking - Use your digit to follow features on moving video, track any sprite to follow the motion
  • Animated drawing - Handwriting, arrows, annotations draw themselves over time
  • 2.5D Animation: elements scale up and down as they move into or out of the screen, above or below other layers
  • Stereoscopic output of 2.5D animation in anaglyph (red/blue), side-by-side, top-and-bottom and VR formats
  • Export videos and photos to Photos, Mail, Messages, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.
  • Export MP4 and GIF animation, PNG and JPG stills
  • Export to Full HD, HD(720), half HD and SD resolutions
  • Unlimited undo, redo

Motion Graphix works best on newer iPad.