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Sprite Cutter - Cut out parts of pictures using curves, green-screen removal, or depth data

SpriteCutter User Guide

SpriteCutter lets you cut parts of images out from their backgrounds to use in web sites, online avatars, games, or image compositions. Just make a curve around the portion of the image you want to cut out, adjust the shape , and export.

Draw a curve by adding control points. You can edit them afterward to fine tune the contour. You can add multiple shapes if you like. When you are happy with the shapes, export your sprite(s) to iTunes, Photo Album or Drop Box for use in your favorite image composition apps, like SpriteDance or iMeetingPad.

A sprite is a small image, stored with transparency information (called an 'alpha channel') which hides the portions of the image you don't want to see. Sprite Cutter allows you to select the portions of the image you want to keep.

This example has 2 contours, which when saved become 2 smaller images, or sprites.

Flower Cuts

Sprite 1 Sprite 2

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