Sprite Dance

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From kids' cartoons to corporate presentations, moving birthday cards to animated assembly instructions, you and your iPad will be ready for any animation emergency with SpriteDance.

In SpriteDance you animate small cutout pictures and text elements over a background picture or movie. Each animated element is called a ‘Dancer’, the background picture or movie, a ‘Stage’, and the combination of Stage, Dancers and animation is a ‘Scene’.

A dancer can either be an image or a text block. SpriteDance includes a large library of dancers, organized into categories in order to make searching easier. You can add your own custom Dancers by loading from your photos or using the text creator, to edit and color a block of text.

A Stage is a background image or movie. You can use one of the collection that come with SpriteDance, or load a custom photo or movie from your iPad Photo Album. You can also make a solid colored background as the Stage.


You create animation by setting ‘keyframes’, to record the state of a dancer at a specific time. There are 4 different attributes of a dancer you can animate: position, size, rotation and transparency. In order to animate any or all of the attributes, simply move the time slider then adjust the dancer by dragging or pinching it. Change the time again and adjust the pose again. Congratulations, you are now animating. You can tap the ‘Add Keyframe’ button to lock a dancer in place at the current time without adjusting it.

Digital tracking is a cool new feature which allows you to quickly animate complex motions. The movement of your finger (digit) is recorded into position keyframes as the movie is playing. Simply tap and hold to start the tracking, and every subsequent movement of your digit is recorded into animation.