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Steam Gadgetz brings the adventurous aesthetic of a bygone age to your iPad. Powered by standard steam and alchemical agents, this collection of whimsical widgets with a Victorian sensibility provides powerful utilities and delightful diversions for steampunks and digital anachronists.

Transmute Gold - For centuries alchemists have sought the secrets of transmutation, the arcane art of turning base elements into precious gold. Occasional successes spurred them on, but until now they never mastered the difficult task. Most alchemists understood that the ingredients mattered, fewer understood that the order of adding them was critical, and only one ever understood that the order changed based on the position of the celestial bodies. The challenge for creating gold is thus to pick the right ingredients, combine them in the right order at the right time before the bodies in the heavens move further in their course. Every combination of elements reveals important clues about the state of the heavens and attempting enough combinations may give you enough hints to finally succeed in your task. When you have an element of the correct mixture, it will produce silver. If it is in the right place it will produce gold. When all the elements are in the right place you will have four pieces of gold and you will have succeeded. You only have time for ten combinations, so think very carefully about your results before you make your next move. Sometimes the most correct way is not the most direct way, it may pay to try different combinations to gain more insight before attempting a final guess. First find the correct ingredients to create pure silver, then find the correct order to produce pure gold.

Transmute Gold

Circle of Friends - See your circle of friends like never before. All your contacts are laid out on the zodiac by birthday and year. Divine their astrological characteristics at a glance; sun sign, birth stone, elemental inclinations.. Good for budding match makers and gift givers. Always have a visual clue about which of your friends is about to need attention.

Circle of Friends

12 or 24 Hour World Clock - They say even a broken clock is right twice a day. With a 24 hour clock that is only half true. No more adding 12 just to sound like a soldier or European. A glance at the big hand will tell you. Precision machined digital gears assure accurate time keeping in your favorite 3 locations anywhere on the globe, from Zanzibar to Timbuktu.

World Clock

Virtual Sundial - This innovative virtual sundial even works at night. Never again ask where am I and when is nightfall. Great for vampires and vampire hunters alike, it displays your location, longitude, latitude as well as nightfall, gloaming, sunrise and sunset times.

Virtual Sundial

Magical Herbs - Plants are all around us, but too often we are unaware of their powers. This handy illustrated guide helps you identify useful herbs at a glance. Anyone can talk to plants. Don’t you want to have something interesting to say? Now you can address them by name.

Magical Herbs